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CORE Pump 2.0
CORE Pump 2.0 - Ergo Grip
CORE Pump 2.0 - Sandguard
CORE Pump 2.0 - Hose
CORE Pump 2.0 - Manometer

CORE Pump 2.0 L/XL

The CORE Pump 2.0 is re-invented! Although our shiny new black pump features a longer barrel, ergonomic hand grips, a fatter hose and a redesigned base, its biggest innovation hides inside. Internal pump friction is virtually eliminated and our “Sand Guard” air filter prevents internal kite damage from sand inhalation. Although our kites do not need an adapter, we included one anyways for those “other” kites. Check out the innovations we built into this pump:

No strain pumping

Save your energy for the water. Innovative materials, seals and piston coatings have virtually created a frictionless pump. We even increased the diameter of the hose outlet to increase airflow and reduce pump strain.

Sand Guard

Sand belongs on the beach, not in your kite. So we built a foam air inlet filter into the handle. Why, you ask? To prevent sneaky sand from damaging your kite bladders and reducing pump efficiency.

Single to double stroke inflation switch

More pressure with the turn of a knob. The last few pumps are always the hardest with a 2 way pump. So we decided to give you the option to switch from traditional double stroke to single stroke pumping for the last bit of air.

digitally calibrated pressure gauge

Perfect pressure every time without guessing. The new digitally calibrated pressure gauge has a simple colour coded scale to make precise inflation a breeze.

Longer barrel, longer stroke for more air volume

We extended the barrel a few centimeters from the previous model to provide a more upright pumping posture. The additional length also increases pump volume with each stroke. Your back will thank you.

Ergonomic grips

Our longer, wider ergonomic grips make pumping a breeze. The grips contour to your palm and fingers so you can leverage your body weight without leaving marks.

Heavy duty pump tether with a nifty hook

Pumps are often neglected. So we built our new CORE Pump 2.0 to last. We even doubled the thickness of the tether and installed an oversized hook. Because we understand.


Pump 2.0 L   49,90 EUR*
Pump 2.0 XL 54,90 EUR*

Delivery includes

CORE pump, bag

Pro Leash 2S

Elevate your game with the new Pro Leash 2S. A leash engineered for you, the hardcore freestyle/wakestyle kiter. A kite leash designed for anyone attempting unhooked, freestyle or wakestyle moves who require a longer, more durable leash. You will immediately appreciate the bombproof, heavy-duty carabiner, the rock climbing sourced, tear resistant webbing and its massive 500kg breaking strength. The newly integrated swivel eliminates leash twist with multiple handle passes. It is exceptionally lightweight, reducing the swing weight to a minimum. Fully stretched, the leash extends 170cm. The optional extension expands the leash to a length of 215cm which opens the door for double passes even when it is attached to our recommended front mounting location on your harness.


79,00 EUR*

Delivery includes

CORE Pro Leash 2S

Pro Leash 2S

Pro Loop + Stick

Pro Loop/Stick

Designed specifically for Freestyle Pros who prefer a slightly longer loop. A note to users that this loop set will increase the distance to the trim adjuster. You may want to move the adjuster closer in this case.


Sensor Pro Loop: 24,90 EUR*
Sensor Pro Chickenstick 11,90 EUR*

G10 Cutback Fins (48mm)

G10 Cutback Fin


Our biggest fin, the Cutback, is designed for extreme grip in any conditions. Aim high, go big and let’r rip with this finely tuned G10 fin. G10 is a continuous filament, woven, fiberglass that we specifically use on all our fins for its super high strength and dimensional stability.


14,90 EUR*

Delivery includes

Fin, screws and washers

G10 Pro Fins (42mm)

G10 Pro Fin


Our midsize G10 fin balances sure footed grip and playfulness. Not just for pros but for anyone ready to immerse themselves in all things freestyle. The Pro Fin. For easy stance switches, smooth recoveries and toothy grins.


14,90 EUR*

Delivery includes

Fin, screws and washers

G10 Wake Fins (28mm)

G10 Wake Fin


Our smallest G10 fin is designed to take a beating and then some. Our wake fin’s moderate slope and optimized trailing edge is perfect for your next wakestyle session. It’s not too big to get in the way yet grippy enough for more technical moves. 


14,90 EUR*

Delivery includes

Fin, screws and washers.

CORE Pads & Straps

CORE Union Pro Pads und Straps


Suped up Union Pro pads & straps. With two adjustable Velcro straps and virtually unlimited adjustability, there is no better choice. The orthotic EVA footpads with its “toe grabber” 3D surface will hold your feet securely even on those off balance landings. With a base plate that can accommodate nine different stances and three pad insert options we are sure you will find the perfect setup for your riding style. Similar customization options are found with the CORE Union Pro straps to give you the perfect fit even with booties on! The dual strap design features effortless pitch, longitudinal and height adjustments to support your foot perfectly. We lined the strap interior with padded neoprene while protecting the exterior with durable synthetic leather. 

CORE Union Pro Pads
CORE Union Pro Pads
CORE Union Pro Pads +  Straps
CORE Union Pro Pads + Straps

149,00 EUR*

Delivery includes

Straps, pads and screws

UNION Comfort

Basic yet essential for maximum stoke. The newly developed, ergonomic, shock absorbing, foot pad will give you the confidence to push your limits. The “Diamond Wedge EVA” memory foam, “toe grabber” footbed, and single Velcro strap will hold you firmly and comfortably in all conditions.

CORE Union Straps
CORE Union Pads & Straps

99,00 EUR*

Delivery includes

Straps, pads and screws

CORE Union Comfort Pads und Straps

Xperience Trainer Kite
Logo - Trainer Kite „Xperience“

Trainer Kite „Xperience“

Allow CORE’s new Xperience trainer kite introduce you to the coolest sport on this planet. Aspiring kiters will find our new 2m open cell kite provides the safest entry into the sport. Young and the young at heart will find the Xperience’s 2 line design is a super fun platform to learn essential kite basics.

The Xperience features a compact, tangle free 2 line design that offers easy starts and landings. Our new trainer works in just about any wind from 5 to 18 knots and sports a nice molded EVA bar, 20m flying lines, and a wrist mounted safety leash. So what are you waiting for? Go kiting with Xperience!


139,00 EUR*


Foil Trainer Kite 2.0m, 2 x Flying Lines, Safety Handleash, EVA coated CORE Bar

* suggested retail price. Pricing may vary.