Unibody 4-line bar system

Light. Direct. Safe.

Your session stoke factor relies heavily on your gear. Your harness, kite, bar and board all play a role. But some play a bigger role in how your day turns out. A great kite, for example, may disappoint when paired with a “cheap” bar.

Here at CORE, we believe the control bar contributes more than you would expect to kite performance and feel. And so, we remind our product engineers to raise the bar with the Sensor 2! 


Sensor 2 has everything to make a perfect connection between you and your kite. The super clean design has no bobbles to interfere with your style. The ingenious no sag flag/safety line is more aerodynamic (and looks better!). Its SSF safety system, titanium core, auto untwist and Rotor quick release are just some of the innovations we stuffed into the bar to make your connection clean, direct, and safe.
The Sensor 2’s magic happens when the bar’s functional simplicity meets its featherweight 230g unibody bar. With virtually no inertia, it has the uncanny ability to transfer your thoughts into action in mere picoseconds. 

Key Feature Snapshot


Less is more. The locally made, featherlight, unibody bar comes in at a mere 230g.
The key to the Sensor 2’s light and super direct feel is found in its low mass and redesigned bar end design.


Leave it to CORE to design the strongest bar ever. We engineered an internal, aircraft quality, grade 5 titanium alloy truss to reinforce the bar. The titanium’s featherweight rigidity gives, in part, the Sensor 2’s direct feel. 


Simple and replaceable. Bar inserts that surround the depower lines lubricate the lines as they pass through the bar to reduce wear. The inserts are also easily and inexpensively replaced without tools.

Eva Grip

The Sensor 2 sports a deeply contoured EVA grip for long lasting comfort and excellent hold.

Eva Grip
CORE Supported Single Frontline Safety


Exclusive to CORE. When the Rotor quick release is activated, the kite will release all its power, and gently drift with the leading edge facing down and nose to the wind until the front tube kisses the water. The kite will stay in a ‘drift launch position’ (nose to wind) until you are ready.


Easy, one line, trim adjustment for those who prefer simplicity. Our clam cleat design reduces pulling effort by 25% which is noticeable in powered conditions. Still not comfortable? Then follow our step by step instructions to lower the cleat for a shorter reach.

Sensor Adjuster
Sensor Adjuster
Sensor Adjuster
Sensor Adjuster
Rotor Quickrelease


The only 2-way quick release you do not have to think about. Releasing the kite is as simple as turning the mechanism in either direction for a simple, safe and intuitive process. It’s well known that more torque can be generated twisting than pushing or pulling. Unlike conventional systems, our quick release does not require you to overcome the flow of water. The Rotor sets the standard for ease of use, safety, and performance.

Another advantage of the Rotor over conventional push/pull systems is size. The Rotor is shorter, lighter and more compact than those other systems. All things being equal, a shorter Rotor permits a closer trim adjuster location. And who would not want to have a shorter reach to the trim adjuster? 

Auto Untwist

Functional simplicity. Untwisting your front lines after looping your kite is as simple as pulling in the bar. Front line twists only occur below the Sensor 2 bar. A below the bar swivel unravels the front lines when the bar is pulled in. The days of manually spinning the front line swivel are over. Welcome to the era of auto untwist!

Spliced Ends


A small but important detail relates to how we finish our line end loops. We don’t simply fold over the line and stitch it up. No, that’s cheating. We braid the loop before stitching and finishing for a safer, stronger, and more aerodynamic connection.







Our line supplier, Liros, is a name synonymous with line innovation and workmanship. For example, they pre-stretch our lines under heat. Only 1.8mm thick and a breaking strength of 368 kg, the Sensor 2 lines will perform beyond your expectations.

Lines Made in Germany


One bar covers all our kite sizes. From 5 to 19m! Nice. The Sensor 2 bar width is adjustable from 46cm to 52cm by moving one knot. The best design ideas are the simple ones. Switching widths is as easy as 1. Pull back the floater exposing the bar end leader. 2. Undo larks head knot on the back line where it attaches to the bar leader. 3. Pull on the opposite bar leader knot and reconnect larks head. Simple. And unbreakable.


Extra short is extra safe. The short safety leash comes standard with all CORE bar systems. When connected to your spreader bar, our short, 50cm long, leash delivers better ergonomics and safety. It is easier to see or grab and it won’t tangle like longer leashes might. If you do not see unhooked freestyle in your future, then protect yourself with a short leash.

Short Safety Leash


You will even find CORE engineering at work here too. We designed the loop stick to move out of the way when unhooking so hooking back in is easier. This design also prevents unintentional unhooking too. Nice touch? We think so.


Sensor 2 bar. Plus four line length options.

Sensor 2+ - Vario Lines (18, 20, 22, 24)

You may be surprised to find how much line length can alter kite behavior. So for the curious and the pros we have the bar for you. The Sensor 2+ bar replaces the standard 24m lines with our Vario lines.

Vario lines are Liros sourced, 18m lines with a 2m and 4m extension. As a result, the Sensor 2+ can be outfitted with 18, 20, 22 or 24m lines. Sensor 2+. For the freedom and joy to experiment.

CORE Pro Leash


Elevate your game with the new Pro Leash 2. A leash engineered for you, the hardcore freestyle/wakestyle kiter. A kite leash designed for anyone attempting unhooked, freestyle or wakestyle moves that require a longer, more durable leash. You will immediately appreciate the bombproof, heavy-duty carabiner, the rock climbing sourced, tear resistant webbing and its massive 500kg breaking strength. Fully stretched, the leash extends 170cm. The optional extension expands the leash to a length of 215cm to accommodate our recommended, front mounting location on your harness.


Designed specifically for Freestyle Pros who prefer a slightly longer loop. A note to users that this loop set will increase the distance to the trim adjuster. You may want to move the adjuster closer in this case.

CORE Pro Loop & Stick


6 Year Parts Availability

CORE bar systems are built to last. Our legendary durability is backed by a six year parts availability guarantee. We will stock all Sensor replacement parts for a minimum of six years from date of purchase.


The Sensor 2/2+ is fully compatible with the XR4, XR4 LW, Riot XR3, Riot XR3 LW, Riot XR2, Riot XR2 LW, Riot XR, Riot XR LW, GTS3, GTS3 LW, GTS2, GTS, GT, Section, Section LW, Impact, Combat and lots of 4-line kites by other brands.

Bar includes


24m lines, 52/46 cm bar, leash, bar bag & manual:
459 EUR*


Vario lines with  24m, 22m,  20m, 18m line length options, 52/46 cm, bar, leash, bar bag & manual:
489 EUR*

* suggested retail price. Pricing may vary.

Available at your local retailer.


FeaturesSensor 2Sensor 2+Sensor pro
New, lighter titanium cored construction
Replaceable wear inserts
Supported Single Frontline Safety (SSF)
24m flying lines
Vario lines (24, 22, 20, 18m)
Carbon fiber and titanium construction
Tectanium® Vario lines
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6 month extended warranty with product registration. Click here for your chance to win!

6 year
replacement parts availability