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Rip every Turn.
Enjoy every wave.

For many wave warriors, surfing waves is nirvana. Head high or knee high. Strapped or strapless. It doesn’t really matter as long as they are on one. Nice, clean, steep or mellow, tight or spaced, tubed or tubeless, reef or wind generated waves. But not all waves are created equal. Some are messy, chaotic, and hard to handle. For this reason, we created the allrounder Ripper 2. A classic, glassed shortboard that will perform in all conditions. A board that leverages a decade’s worth of R&D from CORE’s sister company, Carved.de, a leader in custom board building.

The Ripper 2 is not your average vacuum bagged, EPS (styrofoam) surfboard made in the same factory as every other board. We deliberately rejected sandwich construction methods for more durable PU, carbon fiber and glass. Call us unconventional? Maybe. But we won’t be restricted by any board manufacturing ideology.

CORE goes back to the future with the Ripper 2!


Classic all-round shape to handle just about anything mother nature throws at you. For pure strapped or strapless wave mastery. With the right amount of width and concave to smooth out “in between” wave chop. And a good amount of rocker to make it super fun off the lip and deep in the wave. Go back to the future with the carbon fiber and glass Ripper 2 and find your inner wave ninja. Now, for the cool stuff we added to this beauty:

Key Feature Snapshot


Multi-layered, specialized fiberglass and hi-tech resin form the top coat. Trust glass for precisely tuned rails and the original surf feel. 


The board’s distinctive rocker and classic shortboard design works equally well in chaotic wind driven waves or butter smooth reef waves. Its’ medium width smoothes out the chop and cuts through rough shore break. The moderate tail rocker and slightly increased volume in both the nose and tail give the Ripper 2 its speed which it holds through the lulls. The rails are soft in the middle and sharp at the tail for hard cutbacks, slashy turns, and big whoo hoos.

CORE Choice
Ripper 2 Stringer


A laminated wood stringer is inlaid along the length of the board to longitudinally manage flex and give the Ripper 2 its signature feel. A second visible wood stringer is inlaid horizontally also along the length of the board to accept strap inserts. The stringer is molded into the fiberglass, carbon fiber and resin to form the tough top. 

Ripper 2 - Double Wood Stringer
Ripper 2 - Double Wood Stringer


You can see the black carbon fiber reinforced kick plate area which is designed to take a beating that only kitesurfing can give. Go ahead and shred those waves, this board is designed to hold up.

Ripper 2 - Carbon Tough Top Side
CORE Ripper 2 - Thruster Setup


The Ripper 2 is fitted with the classic 3 fin thruster setup for a looser feel on the waves. Thrusters are known to turn tighter than quads and release easier for cleaner moves off the lip.


Closed cell PU or polyurethane foam is the only choice for custom board builders. Its surf properties and water resistance are far superior to EPS or Expandable Polystyrene, the foam used in most sandwich boards.  Unlike EPS, PU will not absorb water, has superior dynamic flex and can be finely shaped. And together with double wood stringers our Active Foam Core makes a flexible yet durable platform for butter smooth turns.


Everyone breaks a fin now and then. So it’s important to stick with the global standard in fins for the day you lose a fin on the reef and the only surf shop has limited selection. The FCS ll system is the new screw-less fin system that enables 2 second fin changes without tools. The system is backwards compatible in that it still has grub screws to secure any old FCS fin you or your friends may have. Now that is progress.


Only the best is good enough. So we pack optional Dakine straps with every board just in case you prefer strapped riding. The strap inserts are  mounted in a reinforced wood stringer making them exceptionally durable. So install and remove your straps as often as you like, we are not worried about our inserts failing.

CORE Ripper 2 - Cut Nose

Blunt NOSE

Although we think it looks cooler, we filed off the nose because, in the long run, a blunt nose is safer and more durable. The blunt nosed Ripper 2 fits in board bags better, travels better and won’t leave a mark. 

Ripper 2 - Cut Nose
Ripper 2 - Cut Nose


Stylefinder + Skill Level

Ripper 2

Freeride | Easy Riding WAVE
Big Air
Freestyle (hooked)
Wakestyle (unhooked)
Comfort | Control


Ripper 25'6'' - 5'8'' - 5'10'' - 6'0'' - 6'2''929 EUR

 * suggested retail price. Pricing may vary.

Board includes

Rear foot pad, DaKine Supremo straps, V4A screws and FCS II thruster 3 fin set 

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