CORE GTS2 - the All-In-One Kite Sport-Edition, now featuring Future-C

 the new Generation of the 
 All-In-One sport edition Kite. 


The new GTS2 is the most radical kite

that CORE has ever built.

Yet it remains a true All-in-One kite thanks to the revolutionary 'Future-C' Shape.

Simply put, it's a kite that can do everything: big airs, powerful wave riding and radical kiteloops, both hooked and unhooked.

The improvement of the original GTS proved a tough nut to crack for the CORE development team. The GTS2 took over 2 years to develop, and created a new kite concept, the 'Future-C'. This shape intelligently combines all the advantages of both a 'C' and a 'High Depower' kite. Without compromise.

 Future-C: radical flight characteristics, whilst at the same time
providing maximum comfort and safety
Most direct C-kite bar feeling and the most precise turning behaviour
with the new tip design and shorter bridles
More lift, simple and precise, on demand Perfectly suited to unhooked tricks Customizable from easy handling to super agility
Early planing and instant-relaunch, just like a delta kite New Speed-Pump-System Safety with the Virtual Fifth Line and the SENSOR-Bar



All-In-One with additional strengths
in Newschool, Freestyle & Wave

The jumping performance has been further improved. When hooked, there is a definite increase in lift and hang time, whilst with unhooked tricks, the GTS2 provides even more pop and better pressure release for easy handlepasses. It has an even better C-kite bar feeling and further improved low-end ability. Wave kiters will be pleased with the precise steering and quick turning ability, yet those that want to park the GTS2 will appreciate its high stability.

The highly predictable turning radius makes radical kiteloops easier than ever. From hooked-in kiteloops to Beany’s unhooked “Killer Kiteloops”.

The GTS2 is a real kiteloop machine.




CORE has combined the best of both worlds, and with the 'Future-C' we have developed a kite shape that has radical flight characteristics, whilst still maintaining maximum comfort and safety. The secret to the success of the 'Future-C' is the curve of the leading edge. An intelligent combination of a ‘C’ and an ‘Open C’ kite.

The characteristic square tips provide all the positive attributes of a C-kite such as directness, unhooked suitability and rounded turning behaviour. Negative characteristics of a C-kite, such as poor water relaunch and limited wind range have been successfully ironed out. The lack of stability and lack of early planing ability, associated with an open C kite, have been resolved, with a moderate sweep and a smart profile.

With the GTS2 you don´t need to buy five sizes just to cover a wind range from 10 to 30 knots.







New Tip shape and shorter Bridles

Direct C-kite feeling, rounded turning behaviour and optimum bar feedback are the result of the new rectangular tip shape and shorter bridles. Also, the ‘Straight Segment Power’ steering tip (SSP) is more pronounced on the GTS2, just like a real C-kite. Since the front and back lines are each attached to a straight segment, steering inputs are converted directly and accurately, perfect for explosive jumps and perfectly timed, harmonious kiteloops.

The bridles are just the right length to combine depower and stability with directness. The pressure point of the GTS2 is always measurable on the bar and always provides feedback as to how much pressure there actually is – no nasty surprises before jumping or in the middle of a cutback.

With the "CORE Intelligent Trim System“ (CIT) the GTS2 is customizable from easy handling to super agility.


Safety with the SENSOR-Bar

Safety is provided, as ever, by the virtual fifth line and the SENSOR-Bar.


The GTS2 is optimally matched to the SENSOR-BAR, with pressureless release on a virtual fifth line. The instant-relaunch is typically CORE, simple and perfect.



Core Intelligent Trim System

The rider can individually adjust both the bar pressure and the turning speed by using the "CORE Intelligent Trim System“ (CIT).

The turning speed is adjustable from easy handling to super agile. The bar pressure and feedback are easily adjustable from light to strong.

On delivery, the Kite is already ideally set-up for 90% of riders.

Range / Prices

  Beaufort Knots Price*
GTS2 5.0 6-8,5 23-40 EUR 949,-
GTS2 6.0 5,5-8 20-36 EUR 979,-
GTS2 7.0 5-7,5 17-33 EUR 999,-
GTS2 8.0 4,5-7 15-30 EUR 1.079,-
GTS2 9.0 4-6,5 13-28 EUR 1.099,-
GTS2 10.0 4-6,5 12-26 EUR 1.199,-
GTS2 11.0 3,5-6 11-24 EUR 1.249,-
GTS2 12.0 3,5-5,5 10,5-22 EUR 1.299,-
GTS2 13.0 3-5,5 10-20 EUR 1.349,-
GTS2 14.0 3-5 9,5-19 EUR 1.399,-
GTS2 15.0 3-5 9-18 EUR 1.499,-
SENSOR-Bar all all EUR 449,-

* kite-only, incl. Kite-Backpack & RepairKitPro



  CORE GTS2   Skill level
CORE Stylefinder
 Freeride / Easy Riding / Hangtime 
 Freestyle / Big Air
 New School / Wakestyle
  CORE Riot XR3   Skill level
CORE Stylefinder
 Freeride / Easy Riding / Hangtime 
 Freestyle / Big Air
 New School / Wakestyle


Now available in stores worldwide.

Delivery includes
GTS2 Kite with High Performance Backpack,
Repair Kit Pro and Short Manual


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