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A few years ago CORE defined the cross-ride class, with the legendary Riot, which suits freeride, freestyle and wave kiters equally well.

The XR2 has massive performance for unprecedented jumps with endless hangtime and is comfortable and easy to ride.


Massive airs and endless hangtime, on demand, with the Intelligent-ARC Optimized profile for early planing and easy up wind ability Fast turning and maneuverability, thanks to the new tip geometry


Absolute linear and direct kite feedback Perfect auto relaunch with the Delta design The new „Speed Valve“ Speed-Pump-System gets you onto the water quickly


Pressure-less release on the virtual fifth line Totally compatible with the new SENSOR-Bar

The CORE Riot XR2 Features Details:


The new Riot XR2 profile design sets new standards in terms of lift and hangtime. The ´Intelligent-ARC´, a first in the XR2, makes the successor to the legendary Riot a true jumping machine. Intelligent-ARC comes from nature: Like a bird that glides for long periods without flapping its wings, the Riot XR2 spread its wings when the bar is pulled in to the maximum. Similarly the projected area is reduced when the kite is depowered.

This biomechanical principle results in an increased power delivery that improves planing without developing side forces. Upwind ability is also improved. The all-rounder has also upped its game in the waves. The kite is even easier to steer when fully depowered.



Optimized Profile & Tip Geometry

The development team was able to achieve faster and more precise turning with the optimized tip geometry.
The new Riot XR2 has a significantly higher turning speed due to improved leverage. This has been achieved by a further optimized outline, in which the tip has a slightly increased diameter, so that the attachment points can be further apart. The new profile curve in the tip of the kite ensures that the flow of the kite is not negatively affected by even the strongest steering movements and allows for more precise turning ability thanks to the increased stability.

Harmonious Power Delivery
Besides the performance increase, the CORE R & D team has improved the comfort even further. This is immediately noticeable with the bar.
The depower characteristics are heavily influenced by the Intelligent-ARC. The new Riot XR2 still has a linear response when the bar is pushed up; the power is reduced harmoniously and not abruptly. The bar pressure has been further minimized; while the, CORE typical, direct steering and feedback have been improved.

Speed Valve

CORE begins with the new, surprisingly simple, „Speed Valve“ Speed-Pump-System. The direct connection of the pump hose to the bayonet Speed-Valve provides more than twice the cross section for maximum air intake and easy pumping. It allows you to be the first on the water.

The integrated stick serves to deflate the kite. It keeps the new membrane open during deflation.

The new Riot XR2 therefore has only one valve, which serves as both the inlet and outlet.


With the innovative SENSOR-Bar CORE has already set new standards in safety, which exceeds the highest standards.

The Riot XR2 is optimally matched to the SENSOR-BAR, with pressure-less release on a virtual fifth line. The auto-relaunch is, CORE typical, simple and perfect.





The rider can individually adjust both the bar pressure and the turning speed by using the CORE Intelligent Trim System (CIT).

The rider can individually adjust both the bar pressure and the turning speed by using the "CORE Intelligent Trim System“ (CIT).

The turning speed is adjustable from easy handling to super agile. The bar pressure and feedback are easily adjustable from light to strong.

On delivery, the Kite is already ideally set-up for 90% of riders.

Range / Prices

  Beaufort Knots Price*
RIOT XR2 5.0 6-9 23-42 EUR 949,-
RIOT XR2 6.0 5,5-8 20-38 EUR 979,-
RIOT XR2 7.0 5-8 17-35 EUR 999,-
RIOT XR2 8.0 4,5-7,5 15-33 EUR 1.029,-
RIOT XR2 9.0 4-7 13-30 EUR 1.049,-
RIOT XR2 10.0 4-6,5 12-28 EUR 1.149,-
RIOT XR2 11.0 3,5-6,5 11-26 EUR 1.179,-
RIOT XR2 12.0 3,5-6 10-24 EUR 1.199,-
RIOT XR2 13.5 3-5,5 9-22 EUR 1.299,-
RIOT XR2 LW 15.0 3-5 8-20 EUR 1.499,-
RIOT XR2 LW 17.0 2,5-5 7-19 EUR 1.549,-
RIOT XR2 LW 19.0 2,5-5 6-18 EUR 1.649,-
SENSOR-Bar all all EUR 449,-

* kite-only, incl. Kite-Backpack & RepairKitPro


Compatibility Sensor-Bar ESP-Bar
Riot XR2 OK OK

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This CORE product is not available in retail stores anymore. This page is only for information for owners of this kite.

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Delivery includes
Riot XR2 Kite with High Performance Kitebag,
Repair Kit Pro and Short Manual


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