Joshua smashes Big Air World record with an amazing 27.5m jump!

CORE Rider Joshua Emanuel gets the yellow (and white) jersey on WOO’s Big Air Leaderboard. He then breaks his record, five days later on his GTS4.

January 23, 2017  -  Author: teamCORE  -  Categories: CONTEST

“The take-off is everything.
With perfect timing and a powerful kite,
the sky's the limit.”

Everyone is talking about the 23-year-old
CORE sponsored phenom ...

who pulverized the world WOO record in Cape Town not once, but twice in the last few days. Joshua accomplished this feat at Kite Beach on the afternoon of January 7th, 2017 with 35-40 knot winds sandblasting the locals. Once on the water with his 8m GTS4, he lit the fuse and went for a ride rocketing to a nosebleed-inducing 90 feet in height! Just imagine for a moment, jumping over your average eight-story apartment building. (We know. It sounds a little crazy.)

It’s no big thing for this local, as he often records jumps more than 25m. In fact, his biggest competitor is himself, breaking his record from a few days prior.

“The take-off is everything. With perfect timing and a powerful kite, the sky's the limit.” This Pro rider from Durban, SA, found the performance he was looking for in the GTS4. “The ultra stable, Future-C design, and high-quality componentry never let me down.” raves Josh. CORE’s exclusive CORETEX triple ripstop canopy fabric and high modulus EXOTEX Dacron gives Josh the confidence to aim high. EXOTEX lets us build more aerodynamic, high-pressure struts and leading edges that also hold a better shape during high flying maneuvers.

CORE designer, Jan Langfeldt, launched himself into first place on WOO's German Big Air Leaderboard with a 20.1m jump-height and his 8m GTS4. This Fehmarner proves anyone can do it. You just need a lot of skill, practice and the right gear.

All of us at HQ Fehmarn Are thrilled
for Josh’s accomplishments.

“Our investment in new material and processes like CORETEX and domestically produced EXOTEX is paying dividends in measurable ways,” offers CEO Bernie Hiss, “And these dividends accrue to all our CORE kite lines.”

CORE EXOTEX® | Made in Germany. And exceptionally durable. ExoTex’s new asymmetrical Dacron weave and emulsion (protective coating) process is specifically developed for our exoskeleton frames to prevent bulging, ripping and UV degradation. The no stretch fabric also improves airflow by permitting reduced leading edge and strut diameters. Despite reducing strut diameters, our new ExoTex fabric upgrades frame stiffness, flight stability and rider feedback.

Josh’s record producing kit included a CORE Sensor 2S Pro bar system
with 24m line lengths and a 139cm CORE Choice twintip ...

The Sensor’s exclusive no stretch, Tectanium lines deliver expert kite control and unmatched strength. The kind of strength that won’t let Josh down.
The 100% Cartan carbon performance freestyle board is packed with CORE features designed to take an incredible beating that only Josh can provide.

 To all future record holders, competitors or weekend warriors, find out more about Josh’s gear:


SENSOR 2 Bar System


Choice 2