Welcome to the team, Linus and Mike!

Our team just got bigger!

September 6, 2017  -  Author: teamCORE  -  Categories: INTERVIEW

Linus Erdmann

Team Germany

Mike Schitzhofer

Team Austria

Welcome Linus!

CORE Rider Linus Erdmann - © Thomas Burblies

Hey Linus, can you share with us your story how you ended up becoming Germany’s best kiter?

Sure! My father has always played a key role in my board sports. I’ve been kiting since I was nine years old and during the eleven years that I been kiting, I’ve captured four German kiteboarding titles. Kiting isn’t the only extreme sport I participate in, and it probably has something to do with my DNA.

You recently switched to team CORE. What is it about CORE that made you join us?

There are many reasons I joined teamCORE. After 11 years with my former sponsor, I was looking for a bit of a change. I had finished school and was ready to focus 100% on the world kiteboarding tour. So I needed a sponsor that shared my values and vision. And I found it in CORE. I feel like I have an impact on the future direction of CORE gear. A big selling point for me is that I live in Hamburg and CORE’s head office on Fehmarn is practically my backyard. I have the support of a local kite manufacturer that shares my values. And they make killer gear. There is nothing stopping me from winning some international titles.

Are you a globetrotter or do you try to kite closer to home? And where is your favorite kite spot?

I spend a lot of time in airports traveling to competitions and exotic video shoots. But I do like spending my summers back home hanging out with my friends on Fehmarn and Sankt Peter-Ording. In my opinion, a good day on Fehmarn rivals any top spot I’ve been to. If you don’t find me on the water, though, you’ll likely find me at a local skate park.

CORE Rider Linus Erdmann

We’ve heard you’d like to have some input on the engineering side of things. Where do you see yourself in a couple of years?

I have lots of ideas to make kiting safer and more exciting. When I’m not training, competing, or developing/testing new gear I’d like to organize some events, and be the best kite ambassador I can be. And with CORE, we can grow and develop new ideas together. I can't wait!

CORE Rider Linus Erdmann - © Choppy Water

Welcome Mike!

CORE Rider Mike Schitzhofer

Hey Mike, thank you for taking the time to chat. Please tell us something about yourself and your background?

Hi there and thanks for stopping by to chat with me. I’m from Austria and have been competing on the World Tour for the past ten years. I initially studied to become a forester and did that for a while until I realized that my life ambition was more about becoming a professional kiter. And so here I am doing what I love. But I also know that I can’t compete forever, so I am finishing my Masters Degree in sports science. Kiting has shaped me as a person in many wonderful ways, and I hope it continues to do so in the future.

When did you start kiting and how did you get in?

It all started around 2000. That summer, my father who was a fanatical windsurfer, took me to Tenerife. I didn’t realize I was watching world kiteboard champion Mark Shinn training there. Watching Mark kite was unbelievable and inspirational. I was so pumped about this new sport of kiting that I had to try it when I got back home. In Austria, I acquired a two-line kite with a friend, and we had a blast with it. Two days later, we managed to find a directional board, and after many attempts, we kited a couple of meters! The kite addiction took hold of me that day and has never let go.

CORE Rider Mike Schitzhofer

How did CORE sponsorship come about and why did you choose CORE?

I needed a change, so I started talking to the established players who shared my values. I wanted to find a strong partner that I can trust and represent with passion. I found this in CORE. CORE’s innovative, high-performance gear and corporate attitude has supercharged my stoke. I can’t wait to get started!

Do you have certain plans/goals for the future, professionally and about the sport of kiting?
Or do you rather let yourself be driven by life?

My goal is to share the thrill I get from kiting. And if I can help improve CORE's amazing gear along the way, that would be fantastic.
Say hi if you see me on the beach, I love talking shop. 

Thanks Linus!
Thanks Mike!