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Wave Warrior.

Rip those waves!

To all the wave warriors out there, we agree, there is no bigger rush than riding waves of all shapes and sizes. Strapped. Or strapless. Like the ones a Nor'easterly brings to the East Coast. Or a good low brings to the Great Lakes. For you, we built the ultra comfortable, Ripper 3. An allrounder that feels right at home on big, messy, wind driven lake swell or the super smooth reefs of Mauritius and Maui. The Ripper 3. A handcrafted, glass shortboard for all your road trips, wherever they may take you.

So, what is the payoff for going with glass over EPS? You get a classic, smooth riding surfboard with impeccable carving characteristics that performs just as well without a kite. Can’t find any waves? No problem, try the new Ripper 3 with a CORE LW kite and discover how much fun lightwind riding is. Go back to the future with the carbon fiber and glass Ripper 3 and find your inner wave ninja. 

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Sizes: 5'8'' – 5'10'' – 6'1''

Key Feature Snapshot

Designed in Germany.
Handcrafted in Portugal.

Engineered in Fehmarn. And built in Portugal by expert shapers and glassers. Producing them in small runs ensures dimensional perfection and the classic, glass board performance Ripper owners demand.


Closed cell PU or polyurethane foam blanks are the only choice for custom board builders. PU is water resistant and can be precisely shaped with CNC milling machines and sanders. Our blanks have superior flex memory and dimensional accuracy with our multi-step CNC milling and sanding process. And together with its twin wood stringers, the Active Foam Core creates a better foil and rail shape for butter-smooth turns. 


Multi-layered, specialized fiberglass, and hi-tech resin form the top coat. Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, and Carissa Moore still compete on glass boards. They prefer the softer riding, more flexible, glass boards over stiff and lifeless EPS. Trust glass for precisely tuned rails, original surf feel, and of course, good looks. 

CORE Waveboard

Shortboard Outline

The board’s pronounced rocker, 26+/- liter volume,  and classic shortboard shape works equally well in chaotic wind-driven waves or butter smooth reef waves. The new Ripper 3 gets a boost in speed and control with its somewhat narrower and more parallel cut.

Shortboard Outline - Ripper 3
Ripper 3 - Round Tail

Round Tail

The Ripper 3 moves from a square tail to a round tail. With a little more volume to slash knee highs and superb control on monsters, it's the best choice for allrounders. The new board also features more tail kick than its predecessor. Spoil yourself with never-ending, super-tight gybes on the new Ripper 3.

Tucked Under Rails

The hand shaped rails feature a new thinner, sharper, “tucked under” rail design that releases water better yet maintains the classic smooth and forgiving ride you’d expect from a glass board. The central 60/40 tucked under rail transitions seamlessly into a hard tail rail to provide greater maneuverability.

Tucked Underline - Ripper 3 + Green Room


The deck is fitted with multiple stainless steel V4A inserts 
to receive optional CORE straps in your favorite stance position.

CORE Ripper 3


A laminated wood stringer is inlaid along the full length of the board to longitudinally manage flex and give the Ripper 3 its signature feel. A second visible wood stringer is inlaid horizontally also along the length of the board to accept strap inserts. The stringer is then laminated to the fiberglass producing a very durable deck.

Ripper 3 - Stringer
Ripper 3 - Blunt Nose

Blunt Nose

The Ripper 3 loses a bit more of its nose. We file it off because, in the long run, our trademark blunt nose is safer, more durable, and just plain cool. The Ripper 3 fits in board bags better, travels better and, hopefully, won’t leave a mark. 


The Ripper 3 continues with the classic three fin thruster setup for a looser feel. Thrusters are well known to turn tighter than quads and release easier for cleaner moves off the lip.

Ripper 3 - Thruster Fin Setup


CORE carries over the Original FCS II fin box system on the Ripper 3. FCS II is the keyless fin system that enables 2-second fin changes without tools. It’s wise to stick with the global standard in fin boxes for the day you lose a fin on your favorite reef. Because it’s backward compatible (in that it still retains grub screws to secure any old FCS fin you or your friends may have), you will be back on the water in no time. Now that’s progress. 


Original FCS II Fins

Bring your own or choose from three recommended FCS II thruster fin sets: The standard FCS II Carver Glass Flex (GF), the more advanced “Accelerator Neo Glass“ or the pro FCS II Accelerator PC Carbon Tri Set.

Carver GF

FCS II Carver GF Tri Set

Accelerator Neo Glass

FCS II Accelerator Neo Glass Tri Set

Accelerator PC Carbon
"Ultra High-End“

FCS II Accelerator PC Carbon Tri Set

CORE Straps

CORE Straps

The Ripper 3 is equally talented with or without straps. Naturally, there are days you might prefer straps. And for those days, we built the new CORE straps. Super comfortable, fully adjustable, stand-on-able, straps that come complete with stainless steel screws, anti-twist bases, and variable screw positions. These well-padded straps feature an easy-grab Velcro adjustment to fit any size foot. Yep, even a giant's. 



Strapless Freestyle

Allround Wave

Big Wave

Green Room Surfbooard Chart Ripper 3 Surfbooard Chart 720 Surfbooard Chart

Stylefinder + Skill Level

Ripper 3

Freeride | Easy Riding ALLROUND WAVE
Big Air
Freestyle (hooked)
Wakestyle (unhooked)
Comfort | Control


 Width | Thickness | VolumeWeight Price*
Ripper 3 5'8''17 ⅞'' | 2 1/16'' | 23L50 - 75 kg949 EUR
Ripper 3 5'10'' 18 ⅛'' | 2 ¼'' | 25L65 - 90 kg949 EUR
Ripper 3 6'1''18 ½'' | 2 ⅜'' | 27L> 80 kg949 EUR
CORE Center Traction Pad41,90 EUR
CORE Front Traction Pad41,90 EUR
"FCS II Carver GF Tri Set" Fins72,90 EUR
"FCS II Accelerator Neo Glass Tri Set" Fins82,90 EUR
"FCS II Accelerator PC Carbon Tri Set" Fins124,90 EUR
CORE Surf Straps72,90 EUR

* suggested retail price. Pricing may vary.


The Ripper 3 comes standard with a CORE Rear Traction Pad, Leash Plug and FCS II fin boxes.

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