CORE Pump 2.0
CORE Pump 2.0 - Ergo Grip
CORE Pump 2.0 - Sandguard
CORE Pump 2.0 - Hose
CORE Pump 2.0 - Manometer

CORE Pump 2.0 L/XL

The CORE Pump 2.0 is re-invented! Although our shiny new black pump features a longer barrel, ergonomic hand grips, a fatter hose and a redesigned base, its biggest innovation hides inside. Internal pump friction is virtually eliminated and our “Sand Guard” air filter prevents internal kite damage from sand inhalation. Although our kites do not need an adapter, we included one anyways for those “other” kites. Check out the innovations we built into this pump:

No strain pumping

Save your energy for the water. Innovative materials, seals and piston coatings have virtually created a frictionless pump. We even increased the diameter of the hose outlet to increase airflow and reduce pump strain.

Sand Guard

Sand belongs on the beach, not in your kite. So we built a foam air inlet filter into the handle. Why, you ask? To prevent sneaky sand from damaging your kite bladders and reducing pump efficiency.


Single to double stroke inflation switch

More pressure with the turn of a knob. The last few pumps are always the hardest with a 2 way pump. So we decided to give you the option to switch from traditional double stroke to single stroke pumping for the last bit of air.

digitally calibrated pressure gauge

Perfect pressure every time without guessing. The new digitally calibrated pressure gauge has a simple colour coded scale to make precise inflation a breeze.

Longer barrel, longer stroke for more air volume

We extended the barrel a few centimeters from the previous model to provide a more upright pumping posture. The additional length also increases pump volume with each stroke. Your back will thank you.

Ergonomic grips

Our longer, wider ergonomic grips make pumping a breeze. The grips contour to your palm and fingers so you can leverage your body weight without leaving marks.

Heavy duty pump tether with a nifty hook

Pumps are often neglected. So we built our new CORE Pump 2.0 to last. We even doubled the thickness of the tether and installed an oversized hook. Because we understand.



Pump 2.0 L   52,90 EUR*
Pump 2.0 XL 57,90 EUR*


Delivery includes

CORE pump, bag

Pro Leash 3

Radical free- or wakestyler? The Pro Leash 3 is for you. Its length enables comfortable passes without the "straitjacket" feel. A new swivel guarantees smooth spinning, and a generous protective neoprene sleeve over the carabiner prevents unintentional release. Please note that a leash connected to the back of your harness is more difficult to release than the regular leash. Do not select this option if you ride hooked in.


89,90 EUR*


CORE Pro Leash 3

Pro Leash 3

Sensor 3 Loops & Sticks

Standard Loop - CORE Sensor 3 Bar

Standard Loop

The small loop comes standard on the Sensor 3 and is designed for freeriders and freestylers who mostly ride hooked. The smaller loop size lowers the adjuster height, which benefits shorter riders. An elasticized chicken stick is easily manipulated to make hooking in faster. After hooking in, the chicken stick can be passed through the harness hook to avoid unintentional unhooking.


Standard Loop/Stick:
24,90/12,90 EUR* 

Rope Slider Loop - CORE Sensor 3 Bar


The Rope Slider loop is our recommended solution for wave and foil riders who use a rope harness. Its compact design brings the bar closer to the body and improves lateral movement without annoying harness slippage. To reduce friction and wear on the spreader bar rope, the metal surface of our loop is finely ground by hand. The Rope Slider is only intended for use with a sliding rope spreader bar. The safety ring can be attached in semi-suicide mode, so the leash's carabiner stays at the same level of the quick release and out of the way.


Rope Slider:
36,90 EUR* 

Pro Loop - CORE Sensor 3 Bar


Radical wakestylers, freestylers, and unhooked kiters will prefer our largest available chickenloop. Its size makes unhooking and hooking back in easy and intuitive. Naturally, the distance to the trim adjuster increases, so you should keep that in mind. To prevent unintentional unhooking, use the chicken stick and when you don't need it, simply move it outside the loop where it won't get in the way.


Pro Loop/Stick:
32,90/18,90 EUR* 

Twintip Fins

G10 Cutback Fins (48mm)

Cutback G10 Fin


Our biggest fin, the Cutback, is designed for extreme grip in any conditions. Aim high, go big and let’r rip with this finely tuned G10 fin. G10 is a continuous filament, woven, fiberglass that we specifically use on all our fins for its super high strength and dimensional stability



20,90 EUR*

Delivery includes

Fin (1 pc.), screws and washers

G10 Pro Fins (42mm)

G10 Pro Fin


Our midsize G10 fin balances sure footed grip and playfulness. Not just for pros but for anyone ready to immerse themselves in all things freestyle. The Pro Fin. For easy stance switches, smooth recoveries and toothy grins.



20,90 EUR*

Delivery includes

Fin (1 pc.), screws and washers

G10 Wake Fins (28mm)

G10 Wake Fin


Our smallest G10 fin is designed to take a beating and then some. Our wake fin’s moderate slope and optimized trailing edge is perfect for your next wakestyle session. It’s not too big to get in the way yet grippy enough for more technical moves. 


20,90 EUR*

Delivery includes

Fin (1 pc.), screws and washers

Surfboard Fins

FCS II Carver GF Tri Set

FCS II Carver GF Tri Set

Glass Flex Fin, large

The Carver allround fins feature a broad powerband and GF or glass flex construction. The injection molded design delivers powerfully controlled sweeping turns with speed and momentum. The large size handles loads of back foot pressure and rewards power surfers with down-the-line magic.


72,90 EUR*

Delivery includes

Fin set (3 pcs.)

FCS II Accelerator Neo Glass Tri Set

FCS II Accelerator Neo Glass Tri Set

Neo Glass Fin, Large 

These lightweight, molded fiberglass fins deliver outstanding allround performance for more advanced riders. The higher fiberglass content provides a more responsive platform that excels in overhead waves.  Rely on the Accelerator for a consistent feel in all kinds of conditions.


82,90 EUR*


Fin set (3 pcs.)

FCS II Performer PC Carbon Tri Set

FCS II Performer PC Carbon Tri Set

Performance Core Carbon Fin, Large

The PC Carbon fins are the ultimate choice for your CORE board. Strategically placed carbon fiber filaments give the tips a superior flex pattern and memory. Experienced riders will feel the added control, response, and flow when loading the fins, especially on critical sections of the wave. And aggressive riders will prefer the powerful, explosive style of the slightly oversized allround shape. 


124,90 EUR*


Fin set (3 pcs.)

Pads & Straps

CORE Union Pro Pads & Straps


One Size

Introducing our new Union Pro pads & straps. Now with an articulating split strap and ridiculous customization options. What? Our engineers split the strap to give independent form-fitting adjustability to your forefoot and midfoot. Each half of the split straps is independently micro adjustable with its own set of velcros. You can adjust the angle of your feet 11 different ways to lock in your preferred stance and move your pad closer or further away from the board edge. The strap also sports 2cm of pad adjustability fore and aft to accommodate all foot sizes. We know, that’s an insane amount of customization. We just want to make sure it fits everyone.

CORE Union Pro Pads & Straps – Side

219,00 EUR*

Delivery includes

Straps, pads and screws

CORE Union Comfort Pads und Straps

UNION Comfort

One Size

Basic yet essential for maximum stoke. The newly developed, ergonomic, shock absorbing, foot pad will give you the confidence to push your limits. The “Diamond Wedge EVA” memory foam, “toe grabber” footbed, and single Velcro strap will hold you firmly and comfortably in all conditions.

CORE Union Straps

169,00 EUR*


Straps, pads and screws

CORE Surf Straps

Surf Straps

There if you need ‘em. The CORE Strap set features two super comfortable Velcro straps, four V2A stainless steel screws, and four V2A anti-twist plates with variable screw positions. Our fully adjustable straps feel great in bare feet or booties with just the right amount of support. Need a little confidence on those big waves? Try CORE straps next time.


72,90 EUR*


Straps, screws and washers


Quick on-the-fly rocker adjustment. Need less rocker for getting upwind faster? Or more rocker for your newest tricks? No problem with REVO, a clever rocker adjuster integrated into our grab handle. A quick turn of the handle activates REVO. Rocker is reduced 15mm, flattening the twintip and reducing its flex. This leads to a significant increase in planing and upwind performance. 


109 EUR*


REVO Grab Handle

CORE | CARVED | REVO Grab Handle

Traction Pads 2020/21 Surf

CORE Front Traction Pad

Front Traction Pad

Fantastic, comfortable waxless grip. Deeper, grooved profiles provide extreme grip. And precise edge bevels ensure your pad stays put. New, longitudinal channels provide your fingers with even more grip and board control for easy, one-handed strapless airs. We've eliminated last year's center pad and incorporated it into our minimalistic front pad design that extends from the tail pad forward. The self-stick front pad is compatible with all current and prior CORE surfboards. Enjoy waxless comfort when you #gokiting.

(Includes recesses for the front strap inserts.)

CORE Front Traction Pad Detail

79,90 EUR*

CORE Rear Traction Pads

Rear Traction Pad

Fantastic grip. Ergonomic arch. And comfortable, soft grip. Our new pad features deeper grooved profiles and precise edge bevels to ensure your pad stays put. The less pronounced spine lets you move around while still giving you enough haptic feedback.  Vertical and longitudinal shaping provides a nice balance between control and comfort. The three-piece self-stick pad is included with every surfboard. Please note that we sell a narrow version for our Ripper / Green Room models and a wider version for our 720.

(Includes recesses for the rear strap inserts.)

CORE Rear Traction Pad Detail - 720

59,90 EUR*

Traction Pad Foil

CORE SLC Traction Pad Foil

SLC Traction Pad

Full length, waxless grip.  Deep, grooved, longitudinal channels provide extreme grip and hours of barefoot comfort.  Our minimalistic front pad design covers almost the entire board so you have a lot of real estate to play on. And it features a small foil kicker that provides excellent feedback to your back foot. The self-stick pad lines up nicely over your strap inserts so you don't have to drill any holes if you choose to go strapped. Please note, they come in three sizes to perfectly match your board.

S for the 115cm SLC 
M for the 125cm SLC 
L for the 135cm SLC

CORE SLC Foil Traction Pad Detail| Accessories

129,90 EUR*

Foil Bag & Cover Set

CORE SLC Foil Bag & Cover Set | Accessories

Foil Bag

A place for all your foil parts. Protect your foil with CORE’s custom foil bag and travel worry-free. Our 10mm padded wall bag neatly fits all the components in a light, clean, travel-ready package. Upgraded Nylon material, a heavy-duty zipper, an easy-to-clean interior with strategic hook and loop patches are designed to snuggly hold the optional Foil Cover Set. The optional Foil Cover is great protection for the foil in the bag or on the beach and the optional Foil Bag shoulder strap takes the load off your arms.

Measurements and price*:
approx. 110 x 36 x 12 cm / approx. 43 x 14 x 5 inches: 99,90 EUR


  • 10MM PADDED WALLS: Thick walls for maximum protection.
  • 420 DENIER NYLON: Tough. Durable.
  • FOIL COVER SET READY: Designed to fit the optional Foil Cover Set.
CORE SLC Foil Bag | Accessories

Bag only. Shoulder strap is optional.

Foil Cover Set

Keep your precious SLC foil looking new. The set includes a Foil Bag, a Tool Pouch and cover for the Front Wing, Stabilizer, Fuselage, 71 or 92cm Mast, and Mast Base. The 420 denier Nylon covers fit neatly in the Foil Bag that’s designed for traveling and busy airports. Five-millimeter closed-cell foam padding and additional edge polyester webbing protect all trailing edges. The handy tool pouch keeps all your hardware and tools in one place. Even the mast cover features a screw pocket. Now, you're covered.

Measurements and prices*:
Front Wing Cover 1250: ca. 80 x 32 cm / ca. 32 x 12 inches: 34,90 EUR
Stabilizer Cover 300: ca. 45 x 18 cm / ca. 18 x 7 inches: 19,90 EUR
Fuselage Cover 70: ca. 77 x 10 cm / ca. 30 x 4 inches: 16,90 EUR
Mast Cover 92: ca. 98 x 17 cm / ca. 38 x 7 inches: 34,90 EUR
Mast Cover 71: ca. 78 x 17 cm / ca. 31 x 7 inches: 34,90 EUR
Mastbase Cover: ca. 26 x 13 cm / ca. 10 x 5 inches: 12,90 EUR
Tool Pouch S: ca. 25 x 13 x 8 cm / ca. 10 x 5 x 3 inches: 24,90 EUR
Foil Bag 110: ca. 110 x 36 x 12 cm: 99,90 EUR

CORE SLC Foil Cover Set | Accessories

Foil Bag 110, component covers and tool pouch.

Protective Gear

Kite Gear Bag 

Protect your valuable kite gear during travel with our hard-wearing, thickly padded gear bag. It's big enough for several kites, twin tips or surfboards, and everything you need for action-packed sessions. Large, smooth-running wheels easily roll a fully loaded bag to your destination. Durable 1000 denier nylon, extra strong zippers, and other neat features will make traveling easy peasy.


Kite Gear Bag 150: 249,00 EUR
Kite Gear Bag 190: 299,00 EUR 

* suggested retail price. Pricing may vary.